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How I Work

Once you book a call with me, we have a 30 minute discovery call so that I get to know your needs better, and you can ask me any questions that you have.

This will be the agenda of the discovery call:

  1. Getting to know about your goals in detail
  2. Discussion of your customer avatar
  3. Pricing details
  4. Contract details
  5. Any questions that need answered.

We sign a contract to meet your goals. If you have a clear plan defined for your business for the next 2-3 months, I can create a customized package for you for that duration.

Once the contract has been signed, you will need to settle half of the payment before any work can be begun. I also take the entire payment upfront if you wish to.

After the contract is signed, we will discuss an agenda to define deliverables and deadline on both sides.

Please note: I am not entitled to produce any deliverables before the signing of the contract and have half of the payment is made.

During the duration of our contract, I will be in touch with you.

I will be providing weekly reports to you on how things are going.

For a project like Facebook ad, please note that the advertising costs for the ads have to be borne by you.

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