Facebook Ads vs Boosted Posts: What You Need to Know In 2022

facebook ads vs boosted posts

When promoting your business on Facebook, you may be unsure which solutions are best for your business’s objectives. If you’re not aware of the intricacies of social media marketing, it might be challenging to make critical choices, such as deciding between Facebook ads vs boosted posts.

In this comparison of Facebook ads vs boosted posts, we look at the benefits and drawbacks and show you when to utilize one over the other. Before delving into the main topic of this article, let’s get familiar with boosted posts and Facebook Ads.

What are Boosted Posts on Facebook?

A boosted post is a typical post on your Page’s timeline to which you may apply money to promote it to a specific audience. Post-extending is the most basic method of advertising on Facebook. Boosted posts vary from Facebook advertising because they are not made in Ads Manager and do not have the same level of personalization.

Difference Between Facebook Ads vs Boosted Posts

Facebook Ads

First of all, let’s start with Facebook Ads. Some users have difficulty distinguishing between Facebook advertising and regular postings because many advertisements display immediately in users’ News Feeds, alongside status updates, images, and videos from their friends.

While advertisements are always labeled with “Sponsored Content” in light grey font, they might be indistinguishable from regular postings in other ways.

What’s behind the hood is the most significant distinction between Facebook advertisements and ordinary posts. Facebook ads include various analytics tools, allowing marketers to analyze ad interaction and specify campaign objectives in multiple ways.

Furthermore, Facebook ads provide very granular targeting capabilities, enabling you to target advertising to individuals based on age, gender, geography, hobbies, and other factors.

Facebook advertising features additional formatting possibilities than Facebook posts, including carousel ads, slideshow ads, canvas ads, and more.

Some Facebook ad styles are designed with particular campaign objectives, such as advertising that gathers leads, drives viewers to your website, or promotes items. Ads may also feature call-action buttons, making them a more dynamic option for social media marketers.

Boosted Post

On the other hand, boosted posts are less complicated than Facebook advertisements and are simpler to understand if you are familiar with Facebook’s timeline.

Unlike an ad, a boosted post is just a typical Facebook post you pay to reach a larger audience. Growing posts guarantees your post gets viewed by a more significant number of people or by those who are more likely to interact with its content.

Facebook boosted posts have one significant advantage over Facebook ads: they provide free audience research. Most marketers promote posts after collecting audience engagement data, allowing them to grow articles they know to perform well with their target audience.

Thanks to Facebook’s Ad Manager, you will be able to target your audience with boosted posts in the same manner you target your advertising. This strategy makes the promoted posts particularly handy if you create News Feed material that appeals to specific demographics.

Reasons you should Consider Facebook Ads for your Business.

For various reasons, advertising on Facebook provides companies with a unique chance to connect and interact with their target audience:

1.     It stands out from the crowd

Facebook said last year that it had changed its newsfeed algorithm to display individuals’ material most relevant to them, such as postings from family and friends. Meaning that unless you sponsor content, your adverts are unlikely to be viewed.

By advertising on Facebook, you improve your target audience’s likelihood of seeing your promotional content.

2.     Unprecedented scope

Facebook boasts world-leading targeting capabilities, with over 1 billion users globally. Advertisers may now pay to target a particular persona based on their geography, demographics, hobbies, online activity, and other factors.

3.     Results should be monitored and learned from

The Advertisements Manager on Facebook gives you total visibility into crucial KPIs, enabling you to monitor ads and adapt your advertising strategy in real-time.

Advantages of running Facebook Ads For Businesses

1.     Target your Preferred Audience

Advertising on Facebook may help bring your medical or dental business to the attention of a new audience. You may personalize your ad to prospective patients interested in your clinic based on their hobbies, gender, or even region by utilizing data from Facebook. This method may assist you in obtaining the patients you want more structured manner.

2.     Many Options

Facebook’s advertising platform has developed over time. Users may now execute a marketing campaign or run advertisements. Furthermore, it optimizes your ad to employ the best-performing one, giving you vital insight into what sort of advertising material works and what doesn’t.

3.     More Reach

With so many Facebook users, you can reach more people and earn more followers in one place.

Advantages of Boost Posts on Facebook

Facebook does an excellent job of promoting “Boosting” to small businesses that lack an online presence. From Facebook’s perspective, they want to gather additional cash from companies that would not have advertised otherwise.

Boosting posts is fundamental to Facebook advertising, making advertising inexpensive and simple enough to remove many of the worries of getting started with ads.

1.     Low Cost of Boosting

The cost of boosting a Facebook post is relatively low. It is pretty simple to spend $5-$10 promoting a post for a few days to see if anything becomes viral. For example, Facebook has relatively high daily minimums for their more effective campaigns, which might cost you at least $5 each day the ads run. Boosting a post allows you to receive more bang for your money.

2.     Quick and simple

Want to reach a larger audience with one of your posts quickly? Boosting a post is an excellent approach to do this! If your post is about a current incident or something that is particularly topical around the globe, increasing a Facebook post will help you to get your word out rapidly.

Also, leveraging pre-existing articles eliminates the need to create original creative content, saving you time.

3.     Simple analytics

Looking back and seeing what performed effectively is essential for ensuring the success of your Facebook Ads. You could do this via Facebook Ads Manager, but it may be complex and challenging to understand.

When you promote a Facebook post, you can access a simplified analytics system that only displays the necessary information. It is much easier to update your future advertisements.

Disadvantages of Boosting Posts

1.     Lack of real insights

Boosting Facebook posts is lovely for giving them a quick boost. Still, as a result, it could be more challenging for you to acquire accurate information about how your advertising is doing. For instance, if you advertise for three days, Facebook may not have enough time to properly optimize it and place it in front of the right audience.

With a larger budget and a longer time horizon, you may give the advertisement more time to be tuned and perhaps receive an entirely new set of outcomes-this is less of an issue if you are dealing with smaller, local audiences.

2.     Limited targeting

Although boosting a Facebook post will enable you to do some extremely fine-grained targeting, you won’t have the same depth or targeting as you would with Facebook’s entire advertising platform – it may not always be a problem. Still, it will become a problem if just a tiny segment of your audience responds to your message.

3.     Long-term approach

While increasing Facebook postings is fantastic for immediate impact, it is not a wise long-term plan. Simply boosting articles all over the place may rapidly turn into a money pit and may not get you very far.

Boosting posts is not for you if your goal is to make a long-term investment in Facebook marketing. You should then study the Facebook Ads Manager platform for more sophisticated functionality

Which one should I choose: Facebook Ads or Boosted Post?

Your social media marketing objectives heavily influence the decision between Facebook advertisements and boosted posts.

facebook ads vs boosted posts

Each structure encourages a particular set of results. The Facebook ad has a more instant effect and immediately converts to campaign objectives such as lead acquisition, app installation, and sales.

In some campaigns, the extra capabilities of Facebook advertisements may make them a better match. Conversely, boosting posts tends to increase your brand’s social media engagement metrics and overall social presence.

The preference between an ad and a boosted post for a specific campaign will come from long-term vs short-term consequences. A combination of Facebook advertising and boosted posts is typically the best approach to divide your Facebook social media marketing spend.

Boosted posts will help you expand your brand’s reach, and fan base, whilst adverts will assist you in translating your brand’s presence into actual results. This one-two punch will enable you to get likes and admirers before converting your new followers into genuine clients.

Facebook provides business advertising for this purpose – to assist market your company and get new followers. Whether you’ve never used Facebook advertising before, we’ve put up a summary of the benefits and drawbacks so you can decide if it’s the appropriate approach for you.


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